Rich Casino is Socially Responsible

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Rich Casino is Socially Responsible

Rich Casino is socially responsible

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Rich Casino’s Mission and Environmental Responsibility

Rich Casino is committed to using the latest technology to give players the best experience while being socially responsible.  Their Mission is “to provide a cutting-edge online casino product that keeps the excitement levels of our customers at their peak at all times, while maintaining a safe and pleasant environment. Customer satisfaction is our top priority therefore we aim to provide top class services such as innovative products, increased transparency and 24/7 customer support.” (from  They also support a sustainable environment by having a very small Carbon footprint.

Responsible Gaming

Rich Casino is concerned about the impact of gambling on their customers and society.  Their goal is to deliver a service that is socially responsible.  “As a gambling services provider, we believe we have an extremely important responsibility towards our customers. We know that playing at an online casino can turn from entertainment into a gambling addiction. We understand our responsibility is to be by our customers’ side and ensure that they stay in control for an entertaining and affordable gambling experience. By following these three principles we make sure we comply with the highest standards of responsible gaming

Rich Casino values their players and has support to help them stay in control.  “We know that gambling can turn from fun into addiction whenever it starts to be all about the money. As we value our players, we try to minimize the risks of gambling-related harm by offering them the best tools and all the information they need to stay in control and practice gambling only for entertainment.”

They protect minors as no one under 18 is allowed to play.  There is a section of the website devoted to the safeguards that are in place to help people from getting carried away( and live help is always availble.  In the gaming screens it shows users exactly how much time and money they have spent on the site.  There is a self exclusion tool that allows users to stop game play at any time.  Live help is available 24/7 via live chat or by emailing

Do’s and Don’t for Online Gambling

They do NOT recommend people play in an online casino if any of the following are true:

  • “steal or borrow money for you gaming experience
  • use gaming as a way to pay your debts
  • rely on gaming for personal fulfillment
  • count on gaming to make money.

They Do Recommend their service to people who do the following:

  • “use gaming for entertainment
  • set time limits for your gaming activities
  • balance gaming with other activities
  • educate yourself about gaming addiction”
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